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10 Useful Tools Every Gardener Must Have!


When it comes to gardening tools, most of us think of a shovel, a rake, and maybe a spade. However, there are actually tons of tools that help immensely when it comes to digging in the ground and planting! Here are just a few that can really help while you use your green thumb!

1. Tool Basket

Tool Basket

There’s no point in having a ton of tools if you have to lug them around in your arms and hands. Put some money towards a tool basket to make things easier and more organized. There are lot of different types, so choose one that you like best.

2. Transplant Spade

Transplant Spade

This spade is a little different than the regular ones. A transplant spade, like the title hints at, facilitates transplanting all kinds of things. This spade has a long blade that helps dig into the ground.

3. Hand Rake

Hand Rake

This tool comes in handy in numerous different situations. It can get leaves and other debris out from underneath plants or smooth out small sections of the garden that you need to fix. It’s easy to use, light to carry, and great for the garden!

4. Washable Gloves

Washable Gloves

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of different kinds of gardening gloves. One pair that you’ll want to have for sure is washable ones. This will let you get down and dirty without having to worry about ruining the gloves or staining them.

5. Water Breaker

Water Breaker

If you have newly planted things in your garden, a water breaker can come in handy. It makes the water come out weaker so the force doesn’t destroy any of your plants that are trying to grow.

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