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10 Useful Tools Every Gardener Must Have!


When it comes to gardening tools, most of us think of a shovel, a rake, and maybe a spade. However, there are actually tons of tools that help immensely when it comes to digging in the ground and planting! Here are just a few that can really help while you use your green thumb!

6. Hand Weeder

Hand Weeder

When you have weeds in small and tight spacers, you can’t always use large weed removers. Get a hand weeder so you can get rid of weeds without having to pull them up with your own hands.

7. Shears


If you have small patches of grass that are too awkward to mow or garden brush you need to trim down, then buying a pair of shears is a great investment. They make it quick and easy to shorten things down to their right size or get rid of any gangly tree and plant limbs.

8. Hand Pruners

Hand Pruners

Sometimes we just need to break off a branch or fix the stem of a plant, but doing it with our hands can be troublesome. A pair of hand pruners gets the job done in a snap without leaving any ugly broken pieces behind.

9. Japanese Gardening Knife

Japanese Gardening Knife

This is one of the most versatile gardening tools out there. It acts as a saw, knife, spade, digging tool, and measuring rod all in one. Buy one of these and you won’t regret it!

10. Arm Protectors

Arm Protectors

When you’re working in rose bushes or other prickly shrubbery, sometimes a long sleeve shirt just doesn’t cut it. Arm protectors are meant to stay in place on your arms and are made of thick material that protects you from any prodding branches or thorns.

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