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11 Plants That Bring Positive Vibes In Your Home

positive vibes plants

Plants are often considered a beautiful way to furnish a living room or dress up a table, yet they possess many uncelebrated benefits. When the right ones are grown at home, they can do wonders for our psychological and physical health, including promoting a positive atmosphere. This idea is supported by PhD Jonathan S. Kaplan who theorises that even the mere presence of a plant can have benefits such as “reduce stress, and improve concentration”. Moreover, many of these plants make great home remedies and teas while improving the air quality of your home. Have a browse to see which one best suits your homely abode.

1. Jasmine (Jasminum)

Sleep Jasmine
National plant of Hawaii, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, this plant is an all-rounded favourite. Known for exuding a soothing, calming smell, the jasmine plant is recommended to boost positive energy, especially in relationships. It is rumoured to evoke prophetic dreams and encourage romance in the bedroom and thus the ideal position is in the bedroom, ideally facing the northeastern direction according to vasthu shastra.

2. Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Aut Rus Sage
This is pretty sage decision for your home. No really – the plant has a long historical legacy of being a spiritually healing and uplifting source that absorbs negative energy, anger and fear from the environment. Sage is also a great home remedy for gastroenteritis, diarrhea, bloating and heartburn and if you burn it, it’s will to cleanse the bacteria from your home.

3. Ivy (hedera helix)

Ivy is not only a gorgeous adornment for a mantlepiece, brightening up any room in the house, but it has a long-standing reputation for being one of the best air-filters. It is perfect for city-dwellers looking to avoid the toxins and bacteria that pollution creates. And for the superstitious ones – an ivy plant outside the house is said to keep away bad luck and promote wealth.

4. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Not only great on potatoes, Rosemary’s versatility is evident as it promotes a healthy physical and psychological lifestyle, purifying and protecting any home. Its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, containing many essential oils have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic substances. Rosemary’s smell is also known to help with improving memory and helping insomnia, fatigue, reducing depression and anxiety. Keep in a sunny spot and make sure not to overwater!

5. Aloe (Aloe Vera)

Aloe Vera is incredible for promoting positive harmony in your home. Regarded by Feng Shui enthusiasts and health experts alike, it is a great source of positivity and medicinally useful too. The stalk’s gel can be a great soothing substance promoting the regeneration of skin cells. Aloe Vera can grow under natural light or artificial light alike.

6. Oregano (origanum vulgare)

Grooms and brides in Greece used to have to wear a laurel of oregano as it spreads happiness and joy. Not only does oregano contain substances that inhibit bacteria and prevent the spread throughout your home but it also famous for treating many skin disorders such as acne and dandruff, and stomach problems, including UTI (urinary tract infection). This multi-purpose plant should be kept in sunlight.

7. Lily (lilium)

Known as the harbinger of peace, this plant promotes a healthy flow of positive energy around the house. Boosting confidence, promoting spirituality and serenity, this plant also serves practical purpose, removing mold from the air and reducing the level of cancer-causing formaldehyde. Growing well in dark places, the lily plant should be kept in a shaded area of your bedroom to promote better sleep.

8. Lavender (lavandula vera)

Lavender exudes a soothing, intoxicating smell that instantly relaxes and relieves tension. The plant is known to promote circulation, help sleep and act as a disinfectant. Condsider using this plant as a tea to further relieve your stress as the oils have been proven to alleviate insomnia and aid depression.

9. Rose (rosa)

The ultimate symbol of passion is also in fact an aphrodisiac. The plant has the ability to increase your sensitivity and boost your love life, whether they are placed by the bedside or extracted tea. It’s also moisturising and known to be good for toning and tightening the pores.

10. Orchid (orchidacaea)

Orchid 7
Ancient Greeks associated the orchid with fertility and virility, and to this day it’s cited as a great plant to keep in the bedroom should the little sex drive need a kicking. The plant works to promote sexual energy and is known as a great messenger of pheromones. Also known to boost confidence, the orchid is a great plant to have around the house, and a beautiful addition to a living room or bedroom.

11. Basil (ocymum basilium)

Basil is an antibacterial, antiseptic and an antidepressant, this plant is known to promote a circulation of passion and love around the home. In addition to the perfect garnish to any dish, it’s known to get rid of mosquitos around the house – heads up to any hot, humid, bug-filled country!

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