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12 Best Plants That Can Grow Indoors Without Sunlight


There are plants that grow without sunlight, they need indirect exposure, some even thrive in fluorescent light and here in this article we’ve listed some of the best plants to grow indoors.

The obvious thing that everyone know is the fact that plants need sunlight to grow. They can’t grow or develop properly without the right amount of sunlight.

So what would you do if you have windows in your home or office that are small or directed north or if you want to grow plants in your living room, dining room or bathroom? Luckily there are plants that grow without sunlight and you can grow them indoors.

When you are looking for such plants choose that are known for their ability to grow in indirect sunlight. They are ideal shade-loving plants, naturally growing in the indirect sun. These plants adapt well to the smaller amount of light and thrives normally.

1. Parlor Palm

Most popular indoor palm variety, it’s an excellent houseplant for almost any situation, it grows even in those dim corners where nothing else will grow. It requires only minimal care and moderate light. It produces clusters of tiny yellow flowers in spring, however, these will not form in low light conditions.

Water only when soil is dry otherwise you’ll kill your plant.

2. Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Snake Plant)

Mother-in-law’s tongue is a low maintenance plant also called as snake plant. It’s a very durable and popular houseplant. Its ability to tolerate darkness is amazing.

3. Philodendron

Philodendron easily adapt to lower-light conditions. They come in both vine and shrub varieties.

Soil must be constantly moist but not wet. It’s best if the soil dries out slightly between watering sessions.

4. Bromeliads

Bromeliad is a perfect plant to grow indoors, most of the varieties of this plant thrive easily in a container in shade. Indeed, it is a tropical plant but you can grow it anywhere, indoors. It can even grow in luminescent light.

5. Umbrella papyrus (Palm)

Umbrella palm is an evergreen ornamental plant, best grown indoors or in shady and a boggy spot in the garden. Many houseplant enthusiasts find this plant easy enough to grow and maintain.

It requires constantly moist substrate – pot should be submerged in water. You can place the umbrella palm pot over the tray filled with water.

6. Dracaena

Dracaena is a beautiful houseplant that you can grow at home. There are about 50 species of it. It’s really an easy to grow plant.

Occasional pruning and regular watering is important for dracaena. Keep the plant away from direct sun and avoid overwatering.

7. Calathea (Peacock Plant)

One of the most beautiful foliage plants you should grow in your home. It grows well in light shade but the plant is demanding, it has specific minimum temperature 55 F (13 C) requirement that should be maintained.

It prefers frequent watering and moist soil.

8. Sword fern

Sword fern can become a beautiful evergreen houseplant. Like other houseplants don’t place this in direct sunlight.

It grows well in acidic soil. Keep the soil constantly moist but well draining. It loves humid surroundings, so do regular misting to maintain the humidity levels.

9. Spider plant

Its graceful green foliage striped with cream color looks beautiful in hanging baskets and pots, it can be kept on windowsills or near the entrance of home as it likes indirect sunlight.

Direct sunlight often causes burning of leaves.

10. Silver Queen (Aglaonema)

Silver queen is a very beautiful plant. It’s one of the most durable houseplants that thrives in low light, it’s an ideal plant for beginners too. However, the plant is extremely cold sensitive.

11. Carex Morrowii (Japanese Sedge)

Japanese sedge is a shade-loving ornamental grass, it grows well indoors.

12. Maranta Leuconeura (Prayer Plant)

Calantheas are tropical plant and difficult to grow in colder climates and so the prayer plant but it is one alternative you can go for, it is comparatively easy to grow plant than calanthea. It grows well in moderate light without direct access to the sun. If the plant is kept in too much light the leaves begin to curl and wither.

Watch out for pests especially spider mites.

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