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12 Incredible Ways To Decorate Your Fence

Every garden, backyard or patio has some kind of fence. They can be pretty dull and even can make the surrounding area uglier than it probably is. That’s why we decided to present you a dozen of great ideas that can unbelievably transform your garden and make it a enjoyable place.

Enjoy and get inspired:

1. Make a fantastic mural across the side of your fence that will attract everyone’s attention! You can do a nature scene, a favorite comic book character, or anything else. Just make it look good.

2. Add colorful birdhouses to the side of your fence for a fun and beautiful arrangement! Not only does it add some color and texture, but it can also bring birds to your yard!

3. Use wrought iron décor and other metallic decorations for your yard. I love both the texture and color that they can add to the yard without taking up a bunch of yard space.

4. Make vertical gardens that you can hang from your fence and add to your gardening area. This is great if you want more planting space but don’t have it available on the ground.

5. Make (or buy) metal butterflies that you can scatter across your fence to look like a flock of butterflies has invaded your yard! Do all one color or choose from multiple different colors.

6. Give your fence a nice cottage look by adding rustic material to it. Use a flower box, window frame, and other aspects of a cottage!

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