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12 Incredible Ways To Decorate Your Fence

7. Make these gorgeous dragonfly decorations out of fan blades and table legs. You can paint them or mix and match sizes and styles to get fun and unique dragonflies!

8. Use tin cans sporadically across your fence to be fun and colorful planters. They’re small, so you can’t grow lots of big things in them, but they still look great.

9. Use empty wine bottles as flower holders on your fence. You can choose different kinds of bottles and flowers, just make sure they look good!

10. Use shoes to make planters that you can hang up on your fence. It’s simple, easy, and looks good. Choose different sizes, shapes, and colors of shoes and boots.

11. If you have little kids who love playing outside, then consider putting up a giant chalkboard or even making your fence a giant chalkboard. They can draw and write on it without any problems and do their own decorations!

12. Add shadow boxes along your fence that add dimension, color, and style to your fence. You can put whatever items you want in the shadow box, though.

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