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12 Original PVC Pipe Planter Ideas For Your Garden

PVC Garden Feat

PVC pipe is one of those ordinary construction materials that is cheap, you can find it easily and is easy to work with. You can cut it, paint it, drill it and glue it easily. Therefore, it is the perfect material for many DIY projects. With creativity and imagination, you can create functional and useful pieces out of PVC pipes around your home and garden. PVC pipes can be a great replacement for planters and garden organizers. You can easily plant your flowers and veggies in these PVC pipes and get a nice and beautifully organized garden space. So, if you love gardening and if you like unordinary things, here you have a collection of 12 original PVC pipe planters to liven up your garden. You will be surprised when you see all the fantastic stuff you can create with PVC pipes.

Plant flowers in a big PVC pipe if you want to decorate your garden in a unique and creative way.

PVC Garden 11

You can plant succulents inside PVC pipes and make a nice floating vertical garden.

PVC Garden 12

Or, hang some of the pipes and make a hanging garden. It takes up zero ground space but is a thriving, useful and, together with the flowers, beautiful garden.

PVC Garden 4

Drill some holes in PVC pipe and use cups as planters that you’ll put in the holes. This is a great way to grow veggies at home.

PVC Garden 8

Instead of using the classic terracotta pots for your flowers, recycle PVC pipes as planters. You can dye them in your favorite color and make a colorful garden floral decoration.

PVC Garden 3

Create a small vertical vegetable garden that do not take to much space but it is still functional and looks pretty good.

PVC Garden 1

PVC Garden 2

You can use the PVC pipes to create a really nice strawberry tower that is a very fun way to grow lots of strawberries on limited yard spaces.

PVC Garden 6

There is also the option to use the old ladder as PVC pipes holder, which PVC pipes serve as planters for your veggies. This way you’ll also save space and make another amazing vertical vegetable garden.

PVC Garden 9

PVC Garden 10

Take advantage of vertical space and showcase the benefits of vertical gardening.

PVC Garden 7

Cut the PVC pipes in small pieces, fill them with soil and plant some colorful flowers in the pipes to mount them off the ground.

PVC Garden 5

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