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13 Wonderful Benches You Will Strive To Have In Your Backyard!

Benches Feat

Your backyard decor cannot be complete without a seating area and although you may think of adding a table and chairs, a bench is also a common choice. Benches can be found in so many versatile styles, so you will for sure find the right one for your yard.

You can choose to buy some, or maybe even try to make some on your own.

Planter benches

Planter benches are like a combo of seating and place for growing plants. They can be quite versatile, often having planter boxes on both sides or maybe only on one side. Or in some cases, the planting area can be behind the seating area. Planter benches are great option for small yard when you don’t have space for placing planters and benches separately.





You can make a bench out of palettes. Arrange the palettes in the way you like, whether that will be a narrow or a curved bench. Leave it like that or maybe paint the palettes. And of course add some pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable.


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