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13 Wonderful Benches You Will Strive To Have In Your Backyard!

Besides palettes you can also make a cinder block bench. Use the cinder blocks for the sides of the bench or bottom, and wood for the seating area. And again you can add a cushion.



Or how about you go for a gabion bench, a one that will have a bottom made of wire and some white stones and a wooden top? You can even make one such planter bench, with two planter boxes on the side.



Storage benches

And there is one more style of benches that you may choose for your yard and that is the storage bench style. So, as the word suggests, this type of benches can have a storage space where you can store some items like garden tools, pillows, blankets etc. Some of these benches can be with hidden storage space, while others can have crates included underneath the seating area.




So, what type of bench would you choose for your yard?

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