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14 Creative Ways To Greenify Your Indoor Space


Do you want to use plants in order to greenify your indoor space? You have come to the right place. Check out below for some ideas on building an indoor garden and styling your planters.

1. Ladder Planter


If you have unused wooden ladders at home, convert them into a planter to add some green to your home and give it a rustic charm appeal.

2. Tea Cups


If you have some extra tea cups, you can turn them into mini plant boxes for your herbs and add some life into your kitchen space.

3. Used Plastic Bottles


Have some old plastic bottles that you no longer use? Cut them out and turn them into hanging planters.

4. Wine Bottles


Use the same approach with the used plastic bottles – only this time using your old wine bottles.

5. Hanging Planters


If you are not keen on recycling, you can buy hanging planters to instantly update the look and feel of the room.

6. Wooden Planter


Adding wood accents to your indoor space can quickly transform its visual appeal. Hence, try building a wooden planter to give that same effect and add some greens to your indoor space.

7. Metal Box


Another brilliant idea for adding a rustic charm to your indoor space is by converting old metal boxes into planters.

8. Recycled Tin Cans


You can re-paint them with fun and vibrant prints and use as hanging plants. Super easy to do but chic idea!

9. Build a Terrarium


If you have an old fish bowl that you no longer use, turn that into a terrarium!

10. Vertical Garden


This is one of the top trends when it comes to incorporating green into your indoor space! It is practical, space-efficient and aesthetically enhancing!

11. Planters Table


Turn your wooden center table into a planter and place it as a focal piece in your living room.

12. Indoor Veggie Garden


It is a great way to add some color to your indoor space and also makes cooking with vegetables easier!

13. Jar Planters


This is a minimalist take on adding greens to your indoor space – the best type of plants are cactus and succulents.

14. Tin Can Pots


Another great way to add a rustic feel to your home is to use tin can pots for planting your indoor greens.

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