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17 Stunningly Beautiful Macro Flower Pics!

Macro photography is about shooting objects up close. Flowers are popular subjects that provide lots of detail, have a variety of shapes and colors, work well with lighting, and they generally are very beautiful and pleasing to look at which provides a photographer with a lot to work with when making great images.

Macro Flower Photography Inspiration

This post features beautiful macro flower pictures taken with a variety of equipment, lighting, and many different types of compositions. Each photo is linked to the source where you’ll find more information about the photographer and the setup they used for the picture.

Tell us which is your favorite!


#1. Roy Niswanger – Common Lily Pad Bloom, Macro

#2. John D. – deep dahlia

#3. gianni – io adoro le zinnie!

#4. Audrey Osteospermum – Interior

#5. natural flow – 12x – crocuscloseup

#6. GollyGforce – Living My Worst Nightmare – Just Opened

#7. Will – Iridescent

#8. Yuri Levchenko – Yellow flower

#9. Kyla Duhamel – Pretty!

#10. Mark Freeth – Clematis

#11. Mike and Annabel Beales Little Red Geranium

#12. maf04 – Drops of Life

#13. maf04 – Anemone

#14. Mark Freeth – Light my fire.

#15. Catia – coloratissimo

#16. gianni – cinque cosi pelosi da molto vicino

#17. Els – Snow white flower

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