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20 Cheap And Easy DIY Trellis & Vertical Garden Structures

More A-frame trellis

Trellis Structures 09

Red is a great color for a garden structure, isn’t it? ( Source: 11 | 12 )

Timeless inspirations

Trellis Structures 17

Before people had power tools, they made incredibly beautiful garden structures like these using flexible branches from Willow or other native trees. ( Source: 13 | 14 )

More delicious tunnels

Trellis Structures 13

A tunnel trellis is amazing, especially when there are delicious fruits, veggies and pretty flowers hanging from it. ( Source: 15 | 16 )

Obelisk … fancy word!

Trellis Structures 15

An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. It is a classic type of garden structure that adds elegance to a garden. ( Source: 17 | 18 )

Ladder planters

Trellis Structures 19

In compact outdoor spaces, we can grow herbs and vegetables with planters attached to a sturdy frame that leans on any vertical surface. ( Source: 19 | 20 )

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