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21 Ways You Can Create An Enchanted Succulent Garden In Your Backyard

Succulent Garden Feat

If there’s a fast growing trend in plant arrangements, it’s the world of succulent gardens. Getting as popular as the present trend in miniature fairy gardens, we’ll be examining how to grow succulents, how to plant succulents and then give some beautiful examples of succulent arrangements.

Succulent arrangements are today found anywhere: indoors patios, office environments, office buildings, by a pool side, front-walk entrances, outdoor patios and even inside homes.

Why their rise in popularity? Well, for one thing, they’re immensely easy to grow and maintain. Frankly speaking, they’re especially attractive to working people who have little time to spend on plants, maintaining them and/or regenerating their prized greenery.

Moreover, they are almost impossible to kill. Many people have already named them the “camel” of greenery. Being tolerant of low water levels, they can thrive in dry environments, and they don’t require hardly any water at all. In addition, they are simply beautiful and lend themselves to whatever shape, style or arrangement you may have in mind.

How To Plant Cactus-Like Plants

Planting succulents is easier than you may think; the most important thing of all is getting a fast-draining soil that does well in a container or in a succulent garden bed. Quality, healthy plants are typically found at your local garden center and are normally labeled as such: “for use in planting cactus.”

That said, root-rot may develop; however, having a fast-draining soil helps in preventing the root-rot from taking hold. Typically, the fertilization process when planting succulents should be undertaken during summer months and come to a full stop during the winter.

How To Grow Cactus-Like Plants

Basically, growing succulents is just as simple as planting them: watering these cactus-like plants during the summer months is more than adequate if done on twice a week basis. During the winter, cut-backs are recommended. Basically, give the plants a good water soaking, and then wait until the succulent plant dries out completely.

Let’s see now these 20 wonderful examples of succulent displays that will be sure to give you a newly discovered or rediscovered passion for having these particular plants in and around your house.

1. Desert Ice Wonderland

Perfect for an outdoor spot in any season of the year, this succulent design centers on an enchanting floral presentation that highlights giving various shades of blue to help accent a cool, inspiring arrangement. Comprised mainly of blue-tinged Echeveria peacockii plants, this alluring display can best be realized as it’s placed in upward spiraling two-tier fountain dish structure when growing plants in a succulent garden setting.

Multi-colored, this collection of succulent plants becomes the perfect stage for the many shapes, sizes and species of plants readily found in one place. Moreover, a focal point may be just what is needed to help create an interesting, yet high impact center for your garden setting.

2. Highway To Heaven

Succulent Garden 2

If you have a tree trunk in your yard, then it behooves you to put it to good use as a showcase for your succulent plant of whatever kind and color. While you are of course free to use whatever specie and size succulent you wish, keeping them small may be the best way to go. In fact, having various color schemes will give the illusion of motion, ever reaching towards heaven on a very natural wooden ladder.

If no tree is available, then leaning a single piece of tree trunk, or bark, against a solid wall structure will just as easily serve the purpose of creating the tranquil effect you so desire.

3. Over Finnian’s Rainbow

Succulent Garden 3

A virtual three dimensional effect with a myriad of color schemes can be easily designed and planted in a garden bed or a large container. An enchanting concept in plant decoration, vibrant succulents are augmented with other broad leaf plants surrounding the succulent array. You can let your imagination run with this pleasing aesthetic design with virtually no limitation as to where you can place it in your home or outside in your garden. Especially appropriate for garden events or Ladies Club meetings, this is one display that’ll receive compliments galore as you proudly display the arrangement.

4. By The Wayside

Succulent Garden 4

A truly creative way to put a side border to good use is this side succulent display presentation. There’s no watering needed here, but a ground cover of smooth stones or coral rock will do just fine. Pleasing to the sight and a practical way to use up space along a garden or house wall, your selection of various plants is dictated only by your taste in size and colors. This design particularly lends itself to either a multi-colored approach or a single color scheme design.

5. A Florentine Delight

Succulent Garden 5

Having an old fountain dish on a pedestal can be the makings of an antique Florentine floral arrangement. Adding to it just a few succulent plants, hanging plants and some vividly colored cacti will give it a distinctive look found no where else in your garden. Perfect for an afternoon tea, this is one piece that looks distinctly from another era; moreover, it is so inviting. A pink, blue and silver rosebud succulent placed strategically throughout the fountain dish adds a charming, elegant touch.

6. Caged But Wonderfully Free

Succulent Garden 6

This is one unusual display that catches one’s imagination in an enchanting manner. A bird cage, or any cage-like wire work, hanging succulent plants and even dried succulent flowers all serve to compliment each other in this delightful outdoor or indoor decor accessory. The cage lends itself to being painted in metallic or rustic colors or just left as is. For an enchanting side touch, place a tiny sensor-driven bird mounted on its swing. It’ll be sure to catch anyone’s attention as they walk on by your caged, but wonderfully free succulent garden display.

7. By The Beautiful Sea

Succulent Garden 7

A trip to your local beach is bound to yield an abundance of treasures such as beautiful, naturally sculpted seashells. Using a glue gun, glue these flat, uniform size shells to a terracotta pot leaving no spot undone. If need be, paint the pots beforehand to cover any exposed terracotta pot areas with the matching seashell color. Then, fill the pots with potting soil and voila! A most unique and beautiful pot, or pots, for your growing succulents. For smaller planter pots, insert only a single, small succulent. For larger pots, you may try several sizes of plants.

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