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21 Ways You Can Create An Enchanted Succulent Garden In Your Backyard

8. Regal Pathways

Succulent Garden 8

This is one display for those of you who have particular color favorites and designs in mind. Four to five pathways made up of single streams of colors will give the illusion of a winding river, or pathway, fit for royalty. In this particular design, a silver-blue combination is used as a lovely pathway that even a fairy would enjoy taking an afternoon stroll on. Rosebud cacti are bordered by purple, violet, white tiny flowers and greenery to the sides. Enjoy!

9. Wooden Wonderland

Succulent Garden 9

Having just a touch of Bonsai, this succulent arrangement will draw forth many delightful comments from your garden visitors. Dried out wooden logs, large rock formations and a piece of wooden deck set the stage for this alluring arrangement of succulents in your back or front yard area. There’s no restriction as to the succulent size or color you’ll use with this presentation–nor will you need a plant container. Just insert your cactus in potting soil and water sparingly.

10. By A River Stream

Succulent Garden 10

Another great presentation to use in limited border spaces where you want to enhance your garden visually, you’ll find this streaming river design may fit your hoped for effect quite well. Moreover, using any plant that you’d like, you’ll never be truly limited or restricted as to colors such as purple, pink, light or deeper blue give rosebud plants a third-dimensional succulent garden effect that mesmerizes visitors to your garden. This display can be planted in either a full-sun or a half-shaded area.

11. The Greatest Is Love

Succulent Garden 11

Monograms have never truly been out of fashion. When you spell a particular word out, your cactus design with its wide selection of multi-colored patterns, will make your succulent flowers presentation all the more lovely. Using wooden alphabet letters spelling whatever sentiment you choose, simply insert your favorite cuttings in sphagnum moss planting medium, and let them take root. If you use wooden blocks, then consider making a delightful vertical succulent garden and turning it into an enchanting decor for that garden wedding or shower event.

12. Slower Than Molasses

Succulent Garden 12

Whether it’s a baby turtle plant or a full-grown adult plant you’d like to see in your succulent garden, either one will delight your visitors as you display how growing succulents has evolved into a full-scale artistic endeavor. In your local garden supply or hobby craft store you’re bound to find already fashioned turtle-shape wire designs or you can fashion them yourself with a little imagination and effort. Then, filling your wire turtle with moss, you can start inserting your own preferred kind of succulent plant. Just be sure to leave its head and legs uncovered from plants so to create the contrasting features of your “slower than molasses” garden pet turtle.

13. I Wish I Were A Wishing Well

Succulent Garden 13

A quick visit to an online miniature furniture or hobby store will uncover a fascinating collection of treasures you can use in this unique garden display. A tiny wishing well, three miniature fountain dishes on their respective pedestal stands, an almost hidden tiny Bambi and a traditional white picket fence add all the charm in the world to this wonderful collection in a backwoods setting. Now be sure to insert your choice of succulent flowers to make your day in this forest setting complete.

14. Path Of The Chameleon

Succulent Garden 14

Yes, it can also be a lizard, but chameleon sounds much more classier. Then again, it can be whatever you want your new succulent garden to have as a lead design pattern. Fill your pattern design with hundreds of Echeveria “Imbricata” embedded in a mounded berm for optimum drainage, and you’ll have something to proudly display and cherish. Easy to maintain, this giant lizard sculpture is the perfect conversation piece for all of your bridge game afternoons.

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