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21 Ways You Can Create An Enchanted Succulent Garden In Your Backyard

15. Square-Peg Pete

Succulent Garden 15

Especially attractive in a seashore setting, this small and easy to make design is just what you need to accent the mood of the ocean. Adding a few seashells can only make land lovers yearn for the ocean waters when they see this design in your garden setting. A wooden square piece hung on a wall much as you normally would hang a picture frame is all you need for a backdrop. A good assortment of plants embedded into a moss foundation that’s been glued on the wooden board is all you really need to complete this unique and charming display.

16. Garden of Life

Succulent Garden 16

Wait, don’t throw away that old rusty barbecue grill! Keeping in line with our concept of utilizing almost any piece of old discarded furniture in the yard, put that grill to good use by adding a plethora of ornamental succulent flowers in your grill. Just fill up the grill with a bed of tiny stones for good drainage and a two to three-inch layer of cactus-formulated soil. Then, insert the plants in at your whim. If you also add a giant-size seashell or two or three candles, the effect is now complete for your charming Garden of Life.

17. A Little Bit Of Heaven

Succulent Garden 17

For those with a good size of border space to fill up, an expansive arrangement such as this one is recommended. Simply fill up open, available spaces with various kinds of colorful and less colorful cactus-like plants, and design as if you had a paint brush in your hand. A towering green and white-striped century plant, Agave americana var. medio-picta ‘Alba, is your chosen focal point in this rainbow colored garden setting. Surrounding it with large-size rocks, or small boulders, will give this succulent garden a distinctive border to keep the focal point effect centered.

18. Fin-De-Sie-Cle

Succulent Garden 18

Want a more elegant touch to your garden? No problem. Go all the way with a Grecian birdbath design. Two fully grown rosebud succulents are all that you’ll need to start off your eloquent arrangement. Surround the area with more fat, juicy succulents of every kind and color, and insert other cuttings according to your taste. Uniquely beautiful, this is a perfect point of interest to have by a coffee table with one or two chairs by the side. Be it a birdbath or fountain dish, decorate to your heart’s content, and forget about watering more than two or three times a month.

19. Skyscrapers In The Sun

Succulent Garden 19

Here’s one display for those of you who simply must have a desert-like theme on your home or business property. With high-rising spiny cacti, a huge rock backdrop, surrounding succulent designs and a few palm-like leaf plants such as arecas, you’ll find that designing a succulent garden is easier than you thought. This is one setting that’s just right for a side walkway or front way too. The best part of all is how little water you’ll use in choosing these skyscrapers in the sun. Just choose the appropriate ground cover as a border from your stepping stones and garden space, and you’ll be all set!

20. Your Hole-In-The-Wall

Succulent Garden 20

Continuing with our vertical garden designs, wooden pallets that have previously held wine bottles make an outstanding wall design when planted with various plants of various coloring; moreover, the end result will be a virtual rainbow display. Simply fill in the hole openings with potting soil specially formulated for cactus plants, and you’ll have an endurable decor for that place in your yard that you’d rather cover up as aesthetically as possible. You’ll need to know how large will your planting selection grow so choose wisely.

21. Out-Of-The Box Garden

Succulent Garden 21

An old or new wooden crate that’s been abandoned and discarded by someone can be easily converted into one master garden. Preferably using cactus potting soil, simply line the bottom of the crate with sheets of aluminum paper or old newspapers. Then, filling with the specially formulated soil, plant to your heart’s content whatever variety, color or size succulent plant you desire. Not everything inside your box crate has to be a succulent, any plant will do really. This design is excellent for placing on a table, as a garden bed or arranging several of these outside on your garden grounds.

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