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7 Innovative Self Watering Planters Ideas With Tutorials

Self watering feat

Most of the time home gardeners face a dilemma and that is how they would keep their plants fresh with water when they are not around or they’ve to water many times a day. Basically, the system holds water in the reservoir and it works with the phenomena of osmosis; when the soil is drying out, the water is drawn up again. It is also known as sub irritated planter systems.

Learn how to make your own self watering planter with these innovative and creative ideas and helpful tutorials.

You can read down about 7 easiest and simplest ways through which you can build your own self watering planters.

1. Upside down hanged water system:

Self watering 1

This system has 4 hanging planters and one water supply. Just under the planters there is a horizontal hose. You have to gather materials for planter and reservoir; also, some other materials are required to complete the system. After that, make the planters, hang them where you want to and insert plants. Once done, make the reservoir and attach them together. Get the instructions HERE

2. Standard Planter To Self Watering Planter:

Self watering 2

Look for a plastic container and on its base add a smaller tube type bowl with perfect lid. Makes holes in it and also make hole to attach bottle to it. Pace it inside the plastic container and within the lids attach the cage. Get the instructions HERE

3. Foam Box Self Watering System:

Self watering 3

In order to make this diy self watering planter, you will need:

A foam box with lid
PVC pipe
A saw
A pair of scissors
Stanley knife
Waterproof tape

Cut the lid in a way that you can cut the inner and make the sides as frame. Cut the PVC pipe and make it the size of the box. You can to cut three pieces of PVC further in shape of connectors and insert them on the sides and lid. Later, fill it up with soil or plants whatever you feel like.Get the instructions HERE

4. Garden self watering container:

Self watering 4

Look for two big containers, as one would be used as reservoir and other for planting. Also, you would need a deli container, which would be fixed inside the larger ones. By process to follow is quite simple and conventional, you can have details HERE

5. Self Watering Tomato Cage Planter:

Self watering 5

Look for a 5 gallon water bottle, and make some holes in that for soil aeration. Cut the same bottle in to 2, one would serve as water reservoir and other as soil container. Put a small mud bowl inside the smaller half, and place the bottle upside down on it. Add your cage and pour in the soil. See the detail HERE

6. Self watering container or earth box:

Self watering 6

This type of plan would help in watering your plants for a few days. You can even use the container to put in any feed or fertilizer. You can either grow herbs of flowers that are purely your wish. However, the system works effectively and you get the edge to place it indoor, if you don’t have much space in garden area. Get the detail HERE

7. Self Watering Container Garden

Self watering 7

To make this diy self watering planter you need wooden boxes, which have plastic boxes on the base. Also, with the main water container, preferably a drum, s small control box is fixed. It maintains the flow of the water to the wooden boxes. The connection between the reservoirs is maintained through the connectors and the pipes. It is simple yet effective ideas, and easy to learn too. Get the instructions HERE

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