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9 Creative Decorations With Colored Glass and Sea Glass You Can Make Yourself

Glass Decor Feat

All of you who love DIY projects, check out these Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas With Colorful Glass & Sea Glass. Sea glass and colored glass are distinctive and unique materials that can boost the aesthetics of your garden and home. You can use them widely both for outdoors and inside.

With colored glass you can easily make your garden more colorful and with sea glass you can create a seaside feeling, ocean and the beach.

Below you can see a lot of different decorations that are made with them. For example, you can decorate your garden making a landscape glass or water fountain with colored glass.

Check out the gallery below and get inspired.

1. Gap Between the Paving Stones Filled With Colorful Glass

Glass Decor 1

2. Garden Glass Mulch

Glass Decor 2

3. DIY Pebble Fountain with Colorful Glass

Glass Decor 3

4. Sea Glass Mobile

Glass Decor 4

5. Sea Glass, Wire and Wood Sun Catcher

Glass Decor 5

6. Fire Pit with Colored Fire Glass

Glass Decor 6

7. Sea Glass Mosaic Tabletop

Glass Decor 9

8. DIY colored glass wind chime

Glass Decor 8

9. Sea Glass Stepping Stone

Glass Decor 7

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