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Adorable Mini Cakes Ideas

Mini Cakes 1

Great things often come in small packages and that’s the case with these mini cakes and cupcakes. Cute as can be and just as flavorful as full-sized cakes, these little treats are perfect for holiday gifts and dessert buffets.

Mini Cakes 2

Miniaturize anything and it instantly becomes extra appealing — mini cupcakes, mini doughnuts — and now mini cakes! It’s like a magic wand has shrunken down a perfectly pretty layer cake into the perfect serving size. If you’ve ever wondered how to make mini cakes, take a look at these interesting ideas:


Mini Cakes 4

Mini Cakes 3

Mini Cakes 9

Mini Cakes 8

Mini Cakes 7

Mini Cakes 6

Mini Cakes 5

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