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Beautiful And Easy DIY Decorative Flower/Vegetable Basket From Drinking Straws?!

You and Your kids will love this drinking straw craft idea!! Weave a basket or organizer with drinking straw can be fun, too. Do you know the history of drinking straw?

The first drinking straw was invented on January 3rd, 1888 by a man named Marvin Chester Stone. After finding that using a piece of dry, hollow rye grass, made your drink taste like grass, he decided there must be a better alternative. He decided to roll up some paper and coat it with wax on the inside and out so that it would not fall apart, and that became the first drinking straw.

He never knew his invention would do more than he thought. 🙂 The basket in this project can be used as decoration, gift basket of flower bouquet, it’s really awesome. With all the supplies you need: Drinking straw; scissors and paper clips.

This step is the basic weave.

Inter-insert them together.

You can make it with any shape of basket for flower decoration or a vegetable/fruit basket. Having fun there.

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