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Best Tips & Tricks For Growing Tomatoes In Containers

Unfortunately, not all of us have the expansive lawn and garden space that we want. However, you should never let that hold you back from growing the plants, flowers, and food that you want to grow! There are always tons of options, including container gardening! Here are a few simple steps to grow an awesome tomato plant in a container.

1. Pot

First off, you need to make sure you select the right container for your tomato plant. It needs to be at least 18 inches across in diameter, although bigger won’t cause problems. Make sure the pot is clean and in one piece; you don’t want your tomato dying before it even gets a chance to grow.

2. Soil

Make sure you choose a good brand of potting soil. Don’t go cheap on soil or else you’ll regret it! Good potting soil allows for proper drainage while keeping just the right amount of moisture contained to keep the plant alive and well.

3. Compost

Tomatoes need their nutrients, and a great way is through compost. Start a compost pile in your backyard with any leftover table scraps. As the leftover food decomposes, it creates a nutrient rich compost that will do miracles for your tomatoes.

4. Fertilizer

Along with compost, fertilizer can be an excellent source for nutrients. Read what your tomatoes need most and then buy fertilizer that is specifically equipped. Repeat fertilization as necessary.

5. Light

Too much light will scorch the tomato plant, but too little will make it wither. The good thing about growing tomatoes in a container is that you can move it, if necessary. Try to find one perfect spot for your container, though, so you don’t have to be lugging it around.

6. Water

Too much water in a container can flood the roots and cause the plant to drown. However, if you don’t give enough water, then the plant will dry up. Read the tomatoes’ instructions to water the perfect amount!

7. Cage

Just like in a normal garden, tomatoes grow best when they have a support system around them. Put one in the container and let the tomatoes grow where they need to! If you haven’t installed one yet, it’s relatively easy and simple to do.

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