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Cakes and deserts that cost a fortune


1. The Serendipity restaurant in New York will amaze you with its lavish Golden Opulence Sunday dessert, provided you are willing to pay $1000 for it. This extraordinary desert is made using a mix of Chuao chocolate, Amedei Porceleana chocolate, Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and grande passon caviar infused with passion fruit. To top it all off, the Golden Opulence Sunday includes gold dragets and a 23k gold leaf.

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2. The Krispy Kreme crew have revealed the most expensive doughnut in world history at Selfridges in London – containing a ridiculous £1,000 price tag.

The doughnut is made up of Dom Perignon 2002 champagne jelly, 24 carat gold leaf, gold dusted white cholocate flowers, edible diamonds, and other stupidly expensive sounding ingredients.


3. If you want to taste the most expensive cupcake in the world, you have to order it at Bloomsbury’s cafe two days in advance. You should be ready to pay about $1000 for it, but you will also be glad to know that half of that money will go into the World Food Programe. The cupcake is made out of 23k edible gold sheets.



4. Yes, I am serious, this is the most expensive dessert ever made. It is believed to have broken all previous records with its list of ingredients including gold, champagne caviar and a diamond. The dessert itself looks like Faberge egg encased in an outer coating made of bitter dark Belgian chocolate, glazed with edible gold leaf and handmade flowers.


Moreover, it was made from a blend of 28 cocoas from all around the world, infused with five grams of edible 23-karat gold and served in a goblet lined with more edible gold. But the cherry on the top was a two-carat diamond, supplied by the award-winning Wave Jewellery.


The eye-watering £22,000 price tag smashed the previous world record set by New York’s Serendipity Restaurant, whose dessert cost £12,000. Each mouthful cost around £800 and the whole dessert took just 15 minutes to devour.

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