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Creative Gabion Garden Decorations That Will Amaze You!

Gabion Decor Feat

Are you familiar with the term gabion? We believe that you have probably heard about this term at least once in your lifetime. Gabions are really strong structures, mainly used for road building, military applications and erosion control. But also, they can be used as part of your backyard decor and today we would like to show you several such ideas. We have chosen several Creative Gabion Outdoor Decorations that can get you inspired to decorate your garden space with some gabions too.

Gabions are more of a combination of wire and rocks. The natural look of the rocks make them fit perfectly with the landscape. There are different options to add them in the outdoor area and the following ideas are just some of them. Check them out and get inspired to add some such decorations into your backyard too. Enjoy!


Gabion walls are mainly built of galvanized steel baskets filled with rocks. Add some such walls to the staircase in the backyard. Or maybe make one around the tree creating a kind of raised garden bed.

Gabion Decor 18

Gabion Decor 16

Gabion Decor 17


Or if you don’t want to add some topiary decorations, then you may make some garden decorations out of gabion. Make some such garden globes, heart shaped decorations etc.

Gabion Decor 10

Gabion Decor 9

Gabion Decor 11


If you are missing some bench in your backyard, a table or some chairs, don’t spend money on buying some, but instead try to make some with the use of gabion. Use for the bottoms of these pieces of furniture and wood for the top of them.

Gabion Decor 8

Gabion Decor 7

Gabion Decor 4

Gabion Decor 5

Gabion Decor 6


Fire pits have become popular part of many backyard decorations. There are many possible ways of how to make some on your own and one such way can be with the use of gabion. Here are several such ideas.

Gabion Decor 19

Gabion Decor 21

Gabion Decor 20


Another way to decorate with gabion is to make some such planters. The gabions let water drain freely which makes them perfect choice for planters making it look pretty unique and eye-catching.

Gabion Decor 13

Gabion Decor 14

Gabion Decor 12

Gabion Decor 15


And another way to add some gabion into your garden decor is to make some such water features. Its natural look will lok great with beautiful landscape.

Gabion Decor 3

Gabion Decor 2

Gabion Decor 1

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