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Decorate Your Plain Glass Vase And Make It Look Outstanding

Vase decoration Feat

The glass vases can be gorgeous by themselves, but when decorated the right way they can make such a big difference and give soul to any space. Are you looking for glass vase designs that can be done easily at home? We have collected the best designs that might keep you interested, so check them out and see which of these ideas will be your next project!

Think outside of the box and decorate your vase from the inside. The decorations doesn’t necessarily have to be on the outside, so if you want to be different and unique, go ahead and fill the vase with corks. The flowers in combination with the wooden corks on the inside will look gorgeous!

Vase decoration 1

You can also work with lemon pieces! They can really refresh the look of the vase and the whole area!

Vase decoration 2

Any glass bottle can serve you as a flower vase, and they can look especially good when they are colored in different colors. Are you about to re-purpose the old glass bottles in your home? Copy the idea below!

Vase decoration 3

Bracelets can also serve you well for decoration of the flower vases! Give them a try!

Vase decoration 4

If you just stick twigs on the glass vase, the whole vase will get a completely different look! This is a great idea for the times you are bored with the way your vase looks and you want to get a new one.

Vase decoration 5

Vase decoration 6

Don’t forget to take yarn in consideration when you are decorating any plain flower vase. This craft is super easy and you can do it in no time!

Vase decoration 7

Washi tape is also an easy solution for you since it can be applied in just few seconds. You will get a different look of you vase for little money and time!

Vase decoration 9

Vase decoration 8

Use glitter to make your flower vase shine in the room. It’s a quick way to update its look!

Vase decoration 10

If you have recently broken a mirror, don’t despair but get down to work instead and stick the broken pieces on the plain glass vase to make it look like a disco ball.

Vase decoration 11

Vase decoration 12

If you have a plain glass vase lying in some dusty corner in your home, you have to know that it’s dying to be redecorated. Choose one of the designs that you saw here and refresh the look of the elegant and sophisticated glass vase.

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