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Decorative Garden Sprinklers

Sprinkler 3

Use decorative sprinklers that rotate and dance to make watering a mesmerizing visual experience. In addition to the functional means of nourishing plants and flowers, sprinklers also recapture a childlike fascination in the garden. As water droplets shoot up, rise and fall to the ground, gardeners remember exactly what it is they love about the outdoors: the hypnotic beauty of even the most basic, natural resources.

Sprinkler 9

Sprinkler 8

Sprinkler 7

Make watering a joy with sprinklers in enticing, sculptural designs. From a graceful swan, to the celestial moon, gardeners are going gaga over the charm exuded by these one of a kind watering tools.

Sprinkler 6

Sprinkler 5

Sprinkler 4

Decorative garden sprinklers are featured in diverse designs including familiar shapes like stars, butterflies and flower silhouettes. All are attractive and include the necessary functional components: a watertight connection, durable ground anchor and bushing that is easy to connect. Depending on the application and water pressure, copper sprinklers can shower up to a 30-foot area.

Sprinkler 2

Sprinkler 1

Get decorative sprinklers for your own landscape or give as a memorable gift to the gardener in your life. This is an easy addition that makes a lasting and elegant statement. Neighbors and passersby will look forward to watering as much as you do – what with droplets dancing, whirring and whizzing in elegant patterns. Kids also love this whimsical take on the traditional sprinkler. It presents a new and exciting pattern of water to dodge around and dart through.

Spinning sprinklers are an affordable product that combines functional and aesthetic value. Make watering feel whimsical and alive with the addition of spellbinding, rotating sprinklers.

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