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DIY Decorative Garden Wall Using Ivy Hedge Fence

The garden ideas are just endless, you only need a dose of imagination and a desire to make them. Here we offer you an idea for making yourself a decorative wall with an ivy as a hedge fence, which we hope will inspire you.

This DIY project needs small work effort and small amount of needed materials.
We are convinced that when the plant grows enough to cover the entire design you will be amazed by the result.

Needed materials:

  • Fencing Wire
  • Hooks
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill – Battery powered one is preferred
  • Ivy

Then, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the right plant

The key to the success of the green wall is to choose the right plant. The choice depends on your climate and the light conditions. Garden centers are great for helping to identify the appropriate regional varieties.

If you want quick results, head to at least partially grown ivy . But do not forget that it is not an ideal option for brick walls because it can penetrate the cracks. Other variants include climbing plants such as creeping rose, creeping hydrangea, lonicera, thunbergia, clematis, passiflora, lanthanum, etc.

Step 2: Choose a design

The rhombus (diamond) net model is a great option. It is beautiful and at the same time it is not difficult to draw.

Step 3: Draw the pattern

Once you have established the model, use a measuring tape and a pencil to mark the locations of the hooks. Use one hook at every net crossing point. Their number will vary depending on your particular layout. To make the hooks screwing a little easier, first drill a small hole. For plants with larger stems, such as hydrangea, you will need bigger hooks.

Step 4: Secure the wire

Use wire which is a couple of inches longer than you need, and pass it through the hooks. To secure it, wrap the remaining few inches reverse and back.

Step 5: Bind the plant

Once the model has been drawn and you put the hooks and the wire, it is time for the plant itself. Plant it near the wall and into a position where it can easily reach its lowest point. Carefully twist the plant around the wire. Regardless of the choice of plant, you will need to encourage new growth to reach anywhere through the model.

Source: OneKingsLane

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