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DIY Recycling Old Basement Stuff

Planter Holder 13

Plants are living things and they should not be treated as machines or items. Flowers and other decorative plants can be successfully grown in the garden if we provide them favorable living conditions and optimally measure everything they need: enough sunlight and heat, water, air and ground with suitable chemical and physical characteristics.

Planter Holder 2

Planter Holder 5

Flower pots should always be placed somewhere where they will have favorable conditions for normal life and development, or in places where they will have adequate light, heat, moisture and air.

Planter Holder 1

If you are in doubt how to decorate the simple, dull pots that are standing in the yard, these planter holders are a perfect idea.

In just a few simple steps you can make colorful decoration which will instantly bring new life into the yard.

Planter Holder 4

Planter Holder 3

Take some of your old furniture, like the old chairs, chandeliers or ladders and with a little color and your imagination, make unique holders for your pots.

Here are several ideas which can awaken your creativity to decorate your yard and at the same time free some room in your basement. If you have old stuff that you are emotionally attached to, and yet they have served their purpose in the past, your can find an appropriate place for them in your garden.

Planter Holder 6

Planter Holder 8

Planter Holder 9

Planter Holder 12

Planter Holder 11

Planter Holder 10

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