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DIY Tiny Home Garden – Ideal For Small Apartments!

SmallHomeGarden 6

People who live in small apartments know that the space is a great problem and they make various combinations to use it optimally. It often happens that they have no place for a bigger potted flowers. Therefore, this DIY project is ideal if you live in a small apartment and you miss the nature and greenery.

What do you need:

  • two-levels fruit basket
  • textiles in various shapes and colors
  • various types of cacti and succulents
  • some soil
  • moss and Spanish moss

SmallHomeGarden 2


Cut the textiles into strips and thread them through the bars of the fruit basket. Fasten the ends in a knot. Do the same for both levels of the fruit basket. Use the textiles in colors that most suit the your domestic ambient.

SmallHomeGarden 3

SmallHomeGarden 4

Put the spanish moss over the textile, then put the cacti and succulents. Fill the lower part of the container with Spanish moss, and then start to stack cacti ranging from larger to smaller. Fill the Gaps with soil and green moss-like decoration.

SmallHomeGarden 5

SmallHomeGarden 6

SmallHomeGarden 7

SmallHomeGarden 1

We hope that you liked this DIY project – Tiny home garden and will try to make it.

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