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Fantastic Art From Flower Petals And Water Colour !!!

LoveLimzy Feat

The earth is filled with creative minds, but who would’ve thought that combining flower petals and water colour would create such a beautiful art. Introducing Malaysian visual artist Lim Zhi Wei, better known as Limzy.

Instead of pursuing her career as a professional artist, Limzy started working as an art teacher for children and that is when she found her calling of using ordinary everyday materials such as water colours, stationaries and flowers to create her visual art.

LoveLimzy 1

LoveLimzy 5

LoveLimzy 4

LoveLimzy 3

LoveLimzy 2

We gasped when we set eyes on her stunning images of dresses created using petals. We hope seeing the ‘Flowergirls’ brightens up your day…it certainly did ours!

LoveLimzy 6

LoveLimzy 15

LoveLimzy 14

LoveLimzy 13

LoveLimzy 12

LoveLimzy 11

LoveLimzy 10

LoveLimzy 9

LoveLimzy 8

LoveLimzy 7

Aren’t they breath-taking? So creative and original!

LoveLimzy 19

LoveLimzy 18

LoveLimzy 17

LoveLimzy 16

To see more of her pieces, follow her on her Instagram and official website.

All pictures are courtesy of Lim Zhi Wei of Love Limzy.

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