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Garden Sculptures: Adding Art to Nature


The garden is simultaneously a private and social spot that can burst aesthetically with colour and shape. As well as being visually stimulating, the garden can be a treat for all the senses – a place where you can take in sweet floral aromas, be surrounding by a vast variety of textures, taste freshly grown food, and witness the sounds of nature passing you by. Art stimulates the senses and adds character to your own outdoors space. If you can’t be creative in the garden where can you?

Art by definition is ‘the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.’ Therefore, art is both personal and expressive. Art is creative, passionate, and subjective and should resonate with its viewer. Art by nature is whatever you make of it. As with anything, to begin with you must first have an idea. Plan what you would like to achieve and how you best to implement you vision – even if just in your head. Work with what you have, in terms of space, material, and location, and build up. Art can be created using most materials, have a peak around for any stone, wood, glass etc that you can use should inspiration hit. However, do remember to ensure the material is weather protected to ensure longevity. Also, remember to ensure than when installing your art you do so in a safe manner – especially when dealing with heavy materials such as stone.






A mosaic can add a beautiful morocco inspired element to your outdoor haven. Mosaic can be personalised to your own taste and can be as subtle or bold as you desire. Perfect for pathways, walls and garden steps, mosaic can add a burst of colour to your garden.





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