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Garden Water Fountains – A Piece of Nature in your Yard

Fountain 7

Nothing calms and soothes people more than the sound of a running water. After a busy working day, it is enjoying to listen the water sounds while resting in your garden and filling your batteries for the next day.

Now everyone who wants can enjoy it, they just need to build their own yard fountain.

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Fountain 10

Select the perfect place in your garden and depending on the free space and your creativity, make yourself a mini river with waterfalls which will give you the feeling that you are part of the nature. The positive side of the fountains is that the water pump uses the same water to pump it to the desired height from which the water will run down and circulate.

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Fountain 1

To make a fountain in your yard, you need to obtain a decorative stone or other material that you would like the fountain to be made from.

When picking the right place for the fountain in the garden, it is important that it should be visible from every spot, but remember to keep it away from trees to avoid the water getting dirty with leaves.

You will also need some kind of a water pump that will require electricity to run. Another thing that you should consider is the water capacity that needs to be pumped out. Water pump should be placed at the lowest level of the fountain.

Lighting can give the special effect to the fountain at night. Floating and underwater lights, decoration lamps with LEDs will give the water a variety of colors.

Step by Step Guide

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