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Gi FlyBike – Cool, Instantly Foldable, Futuristic e-Bike!

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Created by adopted New Yorkers Agustin Agustinoy, Eric Sevillia, and Lucas Toledo, the Gi-Bike is a foldable electric bike aimed at creating simple, portable, and inexpensive public transportation for big cities. Toledo came up with the idea in Córdoba, Argentina during a public transit strike when he looked around and saw a true mess.

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“It was during this difficult time that we realized the importance of independence and the need for a better method for daily commuters to regain their independence. After researching different means of transportation, we realized that the bicycle was the most efficient means of transportation throughout the world,” he said.

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The feature list is huge and includes a one second folding time, a carbon drive belt, electrical assistance for hills, and 40 miles of riding without recharging, anti puncture tires, trousers-friendly non-grease belt drive and many more. It also includes a GPS tracking system that locks the bike when it’s out of a certain range and the battery can recharge your cellphone. Note that this isn’t exactly an electric bike, but more of a pedal assist system.

The smartphone app lets you to track your ride, turn on the integrated lights, track the remaining range and remind you where you parked. If you lose your phone, a conventional key can also be used to unlock it. Agustinoy tells Fast Company that a major design focus of the FlyBike was to integrate many of the accessories people need for their commute right into the chassis of the bike itself.

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The bikes are under 37 lbs and the tires and rims look like something out of Minority Report.

“I describe the product as the bicycle of the future or how we like to call it internally ‘the next Tesla bike,'” said Toledo.

The Gi FlyBike is available now on Kickstarter starting at $2,000. There are plenty of high-end conventional bikes that cost far more. Deliveries are expected to begin in July 2016. Get your order in early so you can hit the bike trails next summer.

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You can read more on their website.

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