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Guess The Bike Brand By Its Tube Badge!


How many of these do you recognize?

It’s a lot trickier than it sounds…

Just a short explanation about the quiz results. After you click “Finish”, you will see the number of correct answers and if your answer is underlined with green color, then it is correct. Red underline means that you will have to try again 🙂

Question #1: This head tube belongs to which mountain bike brand?

Question #2: Whose logo is this?

Question #3: Which brand uses this head tube logo?

Question #4: This unusual motif comes from which brand?

Question #5: This hazardous symbol comes from which brand?

Question #6: Classy badge, but from who?

Question #7: Which brand does this logo belong to?

Question #8: Name the brand…

Question #9: Whose distinctive head tube badge is this?

Question #10: Where have you seen this one before…

To be continued….

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