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Important Feng Shui Plants And Flowers – Attract Love, Wealth And Good Fortune In Your Home


Feng shui is a tradition that really likes drawing parallels with nature. It talks about integration of human life with the nature so as to achieve maximum positive chi. One of the best ways through which a person can achieve the maximum benefit and unity with nature is through the use of feng shui plants. There are some specific plants that can do a lot of good if they are put in the right place.

Feng shui is all about getting the environment right. In fact, positive chi or spirit is believed to be linked to the physical area surrounded by it, because the external aspect is pretty much a reflection of the internal one. In order to get the chi right, people have to make sure that they don’t let the external aspects of their lives be tainted. When it comes to plants in feng shui, they are good news in some place and bad news in some other places. One needs to put the right plants in the right places to make sure that one does not end up inviting any negative energy instead.

Silver crown

Silver Crown

This beautiful plant is one of the most lucky plants in feng shui because of its succulent and well-shaped leaves. This is a plant that is believed to bring good fortune to the people who own it. It is even a good looking plant, because it has a distinct silver sheen (that’s what gives the plant its name). One can keep this plant in the office or in the living room of the house.

Money Plant


The money plant is probably one of the best plants in feng shui. It is the plant that symbolizes prosperity, income and good luck as well. When combined, this certainly means an increase in the amount of money a family or a workplace can expect. One of the best places for feng shui plants is the office and the money plant would fit in well there, for it can attract some good fortune and some money as well! However, one of the most preferred places for money plant, so far, has been the living room of the residence.

Jade Plant


The jade plant is a succulent, medium sized cactus plant. This is a plant that is believed to attract money and prosperity to the office. It is better to keep this plant in front of the office or in the office cubicle, so as to attract more business or more income. This is a plant that should be kept right at the entrance, near the door or the cubicle. Make sure that the plant does not grow taller than 1 m. Make sure that you don’t overwater it either.

Chinese flowers

Chinesse Flowers

These are the blossom flowers. The Chinese flowers, in fact, are used during spring, to stand for growth and optimism, for it is the beginning of a new year. Optimism and new beginnings is the meaning behind these blossoms as well. The presence of these flowers at home can promote goodwill and happiness. In fact, these flowers can also promote romance between couples. Hence, it would make a lot of sense to have this plant in the house, living room, dining room etc. as well.



A peony is a flower that the Chinese consider to be the king of the flowers. It is a Yang flower, and it represents optimism and spring. The peony is delicate, rich and beautiful, which means it also represents the feminine end of the spectrum. In fact, this is what the peony is best used for. The peony is red in colour and red is a really auspicious colour in feng shui. In India, the colour is used to signify marriage and love as well. So, a person who is looking for love can plant peonies in the southwest of the garden or at least buy some peonies and put it in the southwest corner of the house. This will help in drawing some relationships towards the house.
Peony is of so much importance that people do like knowing that there are substitutes for this flower- such as begonia, hibiscus etc. Of course, these flowers won’t be as strong as the rest, but they are quite useful.



The chrysanthemum is a beautiful yellow flower. This yellow flower happens to be one of the good feng shui plants. This flower is held in great respect and regard in Chinese and Japnaese culture. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness and optimism, so the flower of the same colour is a proof of the same. It would be best to put the chrysanthemum in the living room, but it won’t be smart to put it in the bedroom, for it might conflict with some other feng shui elements. They are really easy to grow so people would definitely not have a problem with it.

Plum Blossom


The plum blossom is a symbol of purity. It is a flower that is supposed to bring a long time of good fortune as well. Plum blossom grows in trees and the trees are quite well known for their good fragrance. The fragrance could also help a person develop a positive chi. The plum tree should be planted in the north or the north eastern sides of the house, for these are the most auspicious areas. If one is not too picky about that, they can put the blossoms tree anywhere in the garden.



The lotus has been an important Chinese motif for a long, long time now. It has also become one of the good feng shui plants. The lotus is a flower that shows purity, exclusiveness and moral strength. The best part to have this would be the residence, especially at the entrance. This can really promote positive chi among the house itself. The Lotus has also grown to be associated with the Buddha and it is believed, in feng shui, that it would really provide knowledge or enlightenment around the house where it is kept. It can also really help the spirituality increase.


Last but not least, we have the last of the feng shui plants, the white magnolia. The white magnolia is a symbol of purity and also love, so it can be kept in the living room or the meditative space. Planting a magnolia tree in the front yard can actually help people get a lot of contentment with the whole area. This is a lucky flower as well, which means that it is presumed to give people a lot of prosperity and promises of wealth as well.

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