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Incredible 3D Tattoos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

3D Tatoo Feat

Today, tattoos are more a way of expressing oneself and a major fashion craze. And, after Tribals, 3D tattoos are now rapidly becoming the new big thing in the tattoo world. These 3D tattoos are often so realistic that it is hard to believe that its really ink on someones skin. Obviously these sorts of tattoos are not to everyone’s taste, but it sure is amazing what tattoo artists can create and make it look so realistic with just a needle and some ink.

Here we’ve have rounded up some of the best works of 3D tattoo art. Enjoy and let us know which one you like the most by dropping a FB comment.

3D Tatoo 11

3D Tatoo 10

3D Tatoo 12

3D Tatoo 9

3D Tatoo 8

3D Tatoo 7

3D Tatoo 6

3D Tatoo 5

3D Tatoo 3

3D Tatoo 2

3D Tatoo 1

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