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Interesting Ideas for Your Garden


From the inside of your house, your window sight will actually be at your yard. Therefore it should be properly settled. The look of your yard has several contributing factors: proper demarcation, good paving, benches, pots for plants, sculptures etc. But without flowers, ornamental plants, lawn and greenery, the garden is not as good as it should be.

Yard and garden do not always have to look uniform and monotonous, only with grass and some flowers. There are countless ways how to quickly, easily and simply convert your yard into a natural paradise. Besides the flowers, pay attention to the arrangement of pathways, stone decorations, as well as the place where you will sit.

First, sketch the home and contours of your yard, together with all terraces, paths and grassy areas and plan it in the tiniest details. Think about a few consultations with experts which can help to simplify the job in a very quick time.

Start with small stone, gravel or concrete tiles. Avoid polished smooth stone because in combination with water, it is not really the best choice. Always select natural shapes and sizes that will easily create stunning mosaics.

Equip the terrace with a straw lounge suite and a couple of chairs. Find quality furniture that will not fall apart from moisture in just one summer. Add a fancy table that you could prepare yourself from old pallets which have not yet found their purpose.

Add water element that will chill the atmosphere. Will you buy an unusual shape mini-fountain or build it yourself from natural stone, the choice is yours.

You must remember that the thick green grass is the beginning of the well arranged courtyard. Always keep it in the best possible manner, water it when it is not very hot and remember to mow it at least once every 7 to 8 weeks.

Think of a shape and layout for low growing flowers. Make overall plan, and only then start planting. Invest in plants which will last couple of years, but do not forget the colorful annuals whose seeds can be used again next summer.

If you have an old item that you think you can creatively fit into the decoration, try it.

These are some of our ideas for how to edit the yard this summer …

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