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Keukenhof Tulip Festival – See nature at its most colourful

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Each spring seven million buds break through the rich soil of Keukenhof Gardens and head skyward. Dutch growers produce spectacular displays – colorful carpets of interlaced flowers that dazzle the eyes and infuse the air with sweet scents.

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Keukenhof is found in the town of Lisse, in the south of Holland, just four hours’ drive from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle’s Calais terminal. Drive to Lisse and discover rare species of tulips, an impressive collection of orchids, vibrant daffodils, more than 2,700 trees and a spring garden covering 32 hectares. Capture your favourite flower displays, inspirational gardens and works of art on camera to amaze your friends and family back home.

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You don’t need an encyclopaedic knowledge of bulbs to appreciate this flower festival and there are lots of attractions within Keukenhof Park. Meet the farm animals at the outdoor wildlife zoo, challenge yourself to find the centre of the maze and keep the kids occupied at the children’s playground. You’ll find other iconic Dutch sights within the park including a 19th century windmill.

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