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Kids corner in your backyard

DIY playground, garden3

What kids love most about the summer is the fact that they get to spend a lot of time outdoors. This provides you as parents with the perfect opportunity to get crafty and to turn the backyard into a fun playground. There are lots of great ideas you can try and make sure you also involve the kids into your projects.

DIY playground, garden5

DIY playground, garden4


If you have the space in the courtyard and some craft skills, it is worth to build an attractive kids playground! Check out the following ideas for toys and decorations, and create a personalized children’s paradise!

The kids playground in your own yard has a special charm. Many toys will give both the children and the parents a great joy. You can transform your yard according to your wishes and needs, it’s worth it, even if it takes some time. With an attractive home-built play area, you can improve movement and physical well-being of children. Fresh colors are attractive and with colorful paints the play area will get a really child-friendly appearance.

DIY playground, garden2

DIY playground, garden 1

DIY for children playing in the garden9

DIY for children playing in the garden8

A children’s playground decoration does not require much money or a lot of time and effort. You can create beautiful decorations and play equipment from old household items. Colorful car tires as swings or seating are just one option. When designing and decorating the playground the children can also participate! This creative activity stimulates children’s imagination. This will give you the opportunity you to acquaint your children with different materials.

DIY for children playing in the garden6

DIY for children playing in the garden5

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