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Look At These 5 Most Durable Watches for Adventurers


Rugged. Tough. Endures abuse and emerges strong, still ticking. That might describe you or your ideal watch, because tough guys need tough timepieces that can keep up with the action, shed the dirt, and take a hit, unphased. Maybe you’re prone to drop things, or maybe you just like beating up your gear. Whatever the cause, these five watches will answer the call and—who knows—maybe even outlast you.

From shock absorption to stain-resistance to ultra waterproofing, you’ll find what you need here to help you keep time and keep truckin’, be you Survivorman or Tough Mudder.

Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mid-Size


Victorinox is known for the rugged, top-notch quality of Swiss Army-caliber watches, and they don’t skimp on durability with the Dive Master 500 Mid-Size. It’s got everything you’d expect in a bombproof watch—stainless steel case, tough rubber band, and a scratch-resistant triple-coated sapphire crystal face that’s also anti-reflective to beat glare when quick glances in bright sunlight are essential. And with water resistance down to 500 meters (that’s 50 atmospheres worth of water weight), it’s perfect for those who like to get wet without the worry. ($795)

Momentum Cobalt V Special Edition


There’s no need to get complicated when it comes to durability, and Momentum stays frugal with its Cobalt V Special Edition watch. You’ve got big, clean numbers with superluminova for easy reading through the mud flecks and not much else in the way of tech, which makes the 5-year battery life unsurprising. As for beating this thing up, give it a whirl. The sapphire crystal face is nearly scratchproof, and the titanium case with a vacuum-ion plated finish is tough. The coating itself tends to scratch off if you’re banging it around outdoors, but the titanium underneath won’t damage. Best of all, the ultra-white rubber strap is more than just stylish-—it’s practically stainproof. Post mud crawl, it’ll still be shining like new. ($295)

Tsovet SVT-PX87


Tsovet’s SVT-PX87 is engineered to withstand destruction in just about any environment, whether you’re crashing, diving, slamming, or tumbling through earth or water. Four-layer construction is screwed down tight so each layer helps insulate and protect those on either side of it, and the nylon/poly composite case is highly impact resistant, with impact diffusion plates and a contoured bezel that helps disperse energy when struck. Add a hardened mineral crystal face that’s tough to crack and water resistance down to 200 meters—and you’re not likely to go anywhere this watch can’t follow. ($249)

Casio G-Shock Burton


Casio G-Shock collaborated with Burton to create a watch that’s both mountain rugged and stylish for those outdoor enthusiasts who take to the peaks. Like all G-Shock watches, the Burton case features hollow construction that floats the timepiece to protect from shocks. The urethane-resin bezel also gives all-directional coverage to the the watch face and uses cushioning to absorb shock in an impact (which you’re likely to find, we’ll wager). But the Burton shines in its added functionality: barometric pressure and temperature sensors show your altitude and help you forecast foul weather on high. That’s practical durability at its best—it can take a beating, but it (and you) can avoid one, too. ($170)

MTM Silencer


MTM specializes in crafting military and tactical timepieces, so you know the Silencer can weather abuse in the field. It bears a stainless steel case with durable DLC plating and a face that’s built with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Though it’s more expensive than most sports watches, it’s worth every dime for guys who wear the same watch in all weather conditions—year after year. It comes with its own watertight tactical box and its electromagnetic rechargeable battery lasts about four months per charge. The ballistic velcro strap is tough and less likely to split or tear than rubber, so you can beat it up on your next special-ops outing with real peace of mind. ($750)

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