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Make This Brilliant Natural Homemade Fertilizer And Bring Your Plants To Life!


Your favorite flowers began to shrivel for some reason ? Do not worry!
Just make this homemade fertilizer with only 3 organic ingredients and they will return to life in no time.

What do you need:

  • banana peels
  • egg shells
  • coffee residu
  • water
  • blender


What do you do:

And then, just place everything in the blender, close it, keep your hand on top and just mix it up for a minute or three. And you’re done! I briefly considered using a different blender than the one that I used for food stuff. But then I thought about it a second longer and decided I was being crazy, since the only thing that I use for this fertilizer are things that are pretty “normal” and couldn’t be of any danger of my food blender if I just wash it normally afterwards. I don’t know, the look of the fertilizer somehow made me think *iewuk* for a split second.


I’ve tried to find some more information about why banana peels etc are good for your garden and you can find several different sources that say that banana peels are good for roses. Coffee grind and egg shells are more commenly used to energise your soil. You can also place those two in your composting unit, you can’t do that with banana’s as it composts very slowly and it might slow down your whole composting pile. That won’t happen this way. It’s just another way to use our every day trash in a more sustainable way.

If you are also making your own fertilizer from leftovers in the kitchen, please share some secrets with me. I’m very willing to learn.

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