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Moving a Christmas Tree Home by Bike

Christmas Tree Bike

Getting a large, unwieldy Christmas tree into your house is one of those holiday tasks that requires a good sense of humor and a huge level of confidence and self-delusion. But before you can even wedge your festive new evergreen through the front door comes the real test: How do you get the dang thing home?

If you’re committed to hauling a tree by bike, it’s going to take a little extra planning and effort. Sure, it might be easier to just toss your new tree onto a car, but why not start a two-wheeled tradition that gives you another reason to ride in the cold? Here are several ways to transport a Christmas tree with a bicycle:

Chrstmas Tree Bike1

Chrstmas Tree Bike7

Chrstmas Tree Bike2

Chrstmas Tree Bike8

Chrstmas Tree Bike10

Chrstmas Tree Bike11

Chrstmas Tree Bike12

Chrstmas Tree Bike13

Chrstmas Tree Bike5

Chrstmas Tree Bike6

Chrstmas Tree Bike4

Chrstmas Tree Bike3

Oh, and one more thing to know before you head out into the cold and load up your bike with conifers: Make sure to get lots of photos of the whole process. After all, this could be the start of your favorite new December tradition.

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