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Oxygen Bomb: Bringing This Plant In Will Remove All Toxins From Your Home!


Plants affect air quality in the living space. They clean the air of toxins and mold, creating a perfect environment.

If you have a need for raising the level of oxygen in your house or apartment, be sure to bring aloe in your home.

Purifies the body and spirit: The plant you have to have in your home!


Besides that it is like a real oxygen bomb , aloe vera absorbs carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. One Aloe has the same effect as nine biological air purifiers!

Apart from aloe, you can also choose a ficus. This plant is very easy to maintain because it does not require a lot of light, and effectively cleans the air of formaldehyde. But be cautious, because the leaves are poisonous, so it is not recommended to grow in homes together with children and pets.


Ivy is a plant that everyone should have. It may seem unbelievable, because it has a reputation to be poisonous, but it removes as much as 60% of toxins from the air in just six hours.

Spider plant has the ability to carry out the photosynthesis under conditions of minimum illumination. It excellently absorb toxins from the air – formaldehyde, styrene, carbon monoxide and gasoline. One plant effectively cleans the air in a 200 square meter area.

Estragon is almost indestructible and great for the house. It is very resistant, it needs a little bit of light for photosynthesis. It removes toxins, it is good for the bedroom, because at night it produces oxygen.


Lilies also are excellent in removing chemical toxins from the air. They filter formaldehyde from the air, as well as trichlorethylene.

NASA claims that every household should have between 15 and 18 listed plants on an area of ​​500 square meters. When deploying them throughout your home, you should not skip the bedroom.

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