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A Plant That Prevents Snoring And Cleans The Air In The Room


The pineapple-plant is a plant that can change the way of sleep and help people to snore less, have better rest, and healthier sleep. Snoring can endanger the health of the person who snores, but also the partner, and as a consequence, the disrupted relations are often also a consequence.

The causes of snoring can be colds, swollen mucous membranes, enlarged tonsils, septal defects or swollen tongue, and excess tissue or edges of the soft palate. Long-term snoring, in turn, can lead to serious health problems, and even stroke and heart attack.

However, scientists argue that there is a very simple way to stop snoring, and it’s not a matter of any device or surgery. It does not cost much.

NASA carried out a scientific study that shows that the presence of a certain plant in the bedroom significantly reduces snoring and stimulates the good sleep.

The Pineapple plant is not grown for consumption but if you have patience and can wait until the fruit starts to turn orange and smell delicious then you can try taking a bite.


The pineapple-plant

It is certainly the most famous among the bromelias but not known by this family name. Pineapple is the only bromelia with a delicious sweet edible fruit. This plant is also available as an ornamental plant. In that case, the fruits are a lot smaller and look like a mini pineapple growing in a Bromelia. It produces oxygen at night, and not during the day as most herbs, which improves the quality of the air, and with it the sleep. The bromelia also produces the bromelain enzyme that calms the snoring.


Place the pineapple on a well-lit area in the house away from direct afternoon sun. Give the plant water in the chalice, which is the heart of the plant from where the flower grows. From this heart, the plant feeds itself. Once the water is no longer visible the plant must be watered again.

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