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Pure Land Japanese Garden, Lincolnshire

Pureland Japanese Garden and Me3

Maitreya is the creator of the Pure Land (the Buddhist term for Paradise) Japanese Garden which sits quietly in the leafy village of North Clifton, Lincolnshire. A few hours spent in this idyllic garden with it’s pagodas, lanterns and ponds will leave you with a sense of deep peace and a connection with the divinity of Mother Nature.

Pureland Japanese Garden and Me1

Since Maitreya had the idea of creating the crystal garden, it has taken four years of devotion to reach completion and has required a great amount of investment (in funds, time and effort) for the building and the materials. Maitreya has worked very hard on his creation, particularly as the opening day approached and he found himself working every day until Midnight to complete it on time.

Pureland Japanese Garden and Me6

He says ‘the essence of the crystal garden is for spiritual inspiration, to bring awareness of the beauty of life and the miracle of creation. When we are aware of life, that all creation is, we realize the truth of ourself. Without appreciation there is no respect of life and we are lead by ignorance, greed and fear, which makes our life frustrating and leads to a feeling of discontentment.

Pureland Japanese Garden and Me5

The crystal garden is Maitreya’s expression of the glory of life, beauty of nature and harmony of creation. In it; nature, mountains, rivers, fields and oceans are created by countless crystals, gems and precious stones. Now the garden is radiating, a spectacle, shining with sparkling light, it is a reminder of how beautiful the universe is. It is inspired by life and when introduced in our heart and soul, will help our spiritual awareness.

Pureland Japanese Garden and Me4

Maitreya says ‘the materialistic way of life that human beings have lead up to the present time has not brought peace and happiness to mankind. We must realize this now for the fulfillment of the meaning of human existence, and must change the direction of the human race.


It is through changing the orientation of our mind from materially orientated state of consciousness to a more spiritually oriented state. The latter comes from the awareness of life, this life is the Truth of the Universe and of all creation, which is a sheer miracle and life on earth is magical. The awareness of life is the awareness of our self. Self and Life are one.”


“It is the time for human beings to begin a spiritual way of life for the fulfillment of human existence. `it is time for the spiritual revolution of mankind.”

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