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Real Magic: Levitating Bonsai Trees! How It Works?

Air Bonsai 2
The Japanese decided that their tiny bonsais should be not only cute but cool, too, so they made them float in the air like magic.
Well, perhaps they’re not entirely magic… but they certainly give off a magical illusion.

Air Bonsai 5

Air Bonsai 4

The designers at The Hoshinchu Team named their creation “Air Bonsai.” It consists of the bottom half called the “energy base” and the floating ball – the “little star.” Both halves have magnets installed so that the “little star” could float with the bonsai on top.

Air Bonsai 1

Japanese startup launches Kickstarter campaign for levitating bonsai trees.

The base is made of traditional Japanese porcelain and the bonsai can be replaced with any other plant. So if you fancy a floating cactus – go for it!

Air Bonsai 3

The ball floats two centimeters above its magnetic base and has a sponge insert for planting. Or, upgrade your magical plant for one made out of pumice. There are a number of hand-made bases also available, though they are currently in limited supply and incredibly expensive.

Air Bonsai 9

The design of the product means that backers can insert any plant — but, because they’re real, they’ll require water and care just like any other living thing.

At writing, the project has already raised ~$320,000 , well past its $80,000 goal, but you can still help them out by donating here.

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