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SANTA has ditched his reindeer and sleigh for a bike ;-)

Bike Santa

We found some examples of what you can do to your bike to spread some Christmas joy. From adding battery operated lights to your ride to creating a Christmas tree out of bike wheels, there are some super creative ideas floating about. If you are really into DIY I’m sure you could rig the lights up to run on your pedal power to be even more eco friendly.

Bikes Xmas8

Bikes Xmas1

Bikes Xmas15

Bikes Xmas14

Bikes Xmas13

Bikes Xmas12

Bikes Xmas11

Bikes Xmas10

Bikes Xmas9

Bikes Xmas7

Bikes Xmas6

Bikes Xmas5

Bikes Xmas4

Bikes Xmas3

Bikes Xmas2

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