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Seatylock: A Bike Chain That Folds Away Into Your Saddle?!


A strong bike chain is unfortunately something of a necessity for those who hope to cycle in the city but carrying one around can be a real nuisance. Previously city cyclists would have to either bring a backpack for their chain, wear it as an absurd necklace, or drape it over the handlebars which can make a bike unbalanced and hard to handle.


Seatylock offers a solution by integrating the chain into a detachable saddle which stores this potentially heavy component at the bike’s centre of gravity for a stable ride. You’ll also never forget to bring your lock with you into the city which can be a real nightmare — that is unless you’re also liable to forget your saddle.


Compatible with all bikes, Seatylock can be fitted to the frame just like any other saddle and could ‘revolutionize the urban cycling experience’. The integrated bike chain is 1m long when fully unfolded which should span most anchoring points.


The six chain segments are made from hardened steel with a plastic coating which prevents the internal metal from scratching your bike’s frame. Clearly a lot of though has gone into Seatylock which has also been designed with a cover to keep your seat dry if you chain it up in rainy weather. This video shows the extensive testing that Seatlock has gone through — and it’s stronger than it looks!

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