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The Door – An Energy “Mouth” of Your Garden & Home


The door is a symbol of a new beginning, a passage to a new phase, entry into a new stage, it opens a new dimension …

If you are in doubt where to put your garden entrance door and how it should look like, here is an advice according to the Feng Shui.


Who said doors have to be boring? The door is probably the most used feature, yet never really noticed. Most of the people paint and decorate doors classically with plain colors, so they look clean and neat. But there are people who paint their doors in quite unusual colors, inserting in them an artistic component, giving a soul to the doorstep you need to cross, converting the place you need to enter into a place from another dimension.

That’s why the Chinese call the door a “mouth” of the garden or the home. It is important to properly build and decorate the entrance, because that way you will ensure the flow of the positive energy into the area behind it.

Paint the door in a bright or cheerful color. The red color, for example, attracts prosperity and abundance, and the green symbolizes the natural environment and money.

magical-door 10

Positioning the door according to the cardinal directions is also very important.

You should choose a color or shade that matches the given direction to maintain the quality. For example, if you want to emphasize the quality of the stability of the door, overlooking the south-west, you can paint in red. If you need greater family harmony in the the household, you can choose brown or yellow. If circumstances change, you can always repaint the door, using the elements of the cycle of generation.

If the door goes to the west or north-west, then use the basic element metal with increased white, gold or silver, yellow or brown and can be used for support. Do not use red, blue and black. Doors leading to the north, can be painted in blue, black or white color of your choice. Avoid brown, yellow and green colors.

Here are some creative and unusual doors we found that will most definitely get noticed. They look like they lead to another world!




magical-door 1


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