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The Meaning Of Dreams About Gardens And Flowers


Garden dreams can tell you a lot about yourself. You have to ask yourself a few questions– what was the garden like? How well kept was it? What did you find in it? What was the overall mood in the garden? Was it a pleasant place? Scary? Did you feel threatened?
The reason you need to ask yourself questions is because the garden, in dreams, generally represents your life. Examining your garden dream can give you insight to your subconscious views about your own life and what you might encounter in it.

If you have a walk through the garden

You will have good luck in love.

If you are watering a garden

You will face great family happiness.

If you are picking flowers from the garden

You will successfully deal with some of your tasks.


Garden with flowers

Your health will improve.

Beautiful and neat garden

You will make rapid progress in your career.

Neglected garden

You should not accept every advice that is given to you.

Flowers dreams

If you are picking flowers

You will face a joyful event.

If you are tearing flowers

You will have good luck in love.

If you are planting flowers

You’ll have a lot of money, but honor.

If you are uprooting flowers

You will destroy your own happiness.

If a flower is given to you

Many people wish you well.

If you trample flowers

You will lose hope.

Red flowers

You or someone close to you will heal.


Yellow flowers

You will face a lot of obstacles, but will successfully master them.

Withered flowers

You can expect serious inconvenience and problems.

Fresh flowers

You will be an excellent mood.

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