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Tillandsia – Would You Grow One Of These In Your Home?


Odds are that you’ve never heard the word tillandsia before, but you probably know it by its increasingly popular nickname: the air plant. It’s safe to say that air plants are drastically different than other plants.

Tillandsia is an epiphyte. This means that it doesn’t need soil, but, instead, obtains water and nutrients from the air. You grow Tillandsia not by planting it in a pot, but by mounting it to a board, tile, or other object, or by growing it in a special Tillandsia planter, which is usually just a glass hanging globe with holes in it to increase air flow.

Tillandsia 1

Varieties of Tillandsia

Air plants are native to the Southern United States, but mainly flourish in Central and South America. There are around 730 varieties of tillandsia in the world. They generally prefer a tropical, moist climate. Tillandsias grow well in areas with high humidity. Room temperature is perfect, but in a warm, humid climate air plants are excellent outdoor plants as well.


Benefits of Air Plants and Other Indoor Plants

Tillandsias make great indoor houseplants and require minimal attention, especially if you live in a humid place. They are also very adaptable with proper care. There are many benefits to having plant terrariums in your home. Houseplants create an inviting atmosphere and add a lot of uniqueness to your living space.


It’s incredible how customizing your living space with your favorite plants gives you a sense of entitlement. On top of houseplants creating oxygen for you to breath, in general they create positive mindsets and promote happiness. Mental well-being is a gateway to overall healthiness, and surrounding yourself with houseplants is a perfect way to combat seasonal depression and maintain positivity all year long.


How to Grow Tillandsia

Tillandsia needs bright, indirect light. According to a houseplants experts, a sunny south, east, or west-facing window would work well. If you don’t have a bright window, you can also grow Tillandsia under a grow light.


Tillandsia Ionantha Ball

To water Tillandsia, mist it two to three times per week, or, if you don’t have your air plant mounted to something (but have it set in a pot or planter instead) simply take the entire plant and submerge it in water for a bit (more on this in the video below). Once a month, mist the plant with diluted organic fertilizer.

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