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Turn Your Yard Into a Relaxation Place

bamboo furniture for the garden1

While global temperatures are rising, the world is looking for solutions for relief from the summer heat which is already here. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best, so everybody must agree that there is nothing more effective than the natural shade.

bamboo furniture for the garden2

bamboo furniture for the garden3

bamboo furniture for the garden4

Bamboo shades are made of natural material, so they are the most adequate protection from sun and heat. Moreover, with their elegant but simple craftsmanship, they nicely fit into different styles of garden arrangement.

bamboo furniture for the garden5

bamboo furniture for the garden6

bamboo furniture for the garden7

During the summer heat they create shade while allowing air circulation, so staying in the shade is even more pleasant. Setting the external surfaces requires preventive and protective measures, because the shades will be exposed to rain, so they should be protected from moisture and mold. Coating them with colorless protective lacquer before setting them up will extended their life.


bamboo furniture for the garden9


Several organizations, commercial enterprises and universities are trying to introduce bamboo as an environmentally friendly building material. In the United States and France, there are houses that are completely built from bamboo, resistant to earthquakes and cyclones, and have international certificate.

bamboo furniture for the garden11

bamboo furniture for the garden12

On Bali, Indonesia, there is an international primary school called Green School, which is built entirely of bamboo because of its beauty and the advantage it has as a renewable resource.


Green-School-Bali 2

In early ages in China, bamboo fibers were used to obtain paper. In some parts of the world,hand-prepared high-quality paper is still made from bamboo, yet in small quantities.

bamboo furniture for the garden13

bamboo furniture for the garden14

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